SuperHeavy on Good Morning America


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  1. Renée Beaudet says:

    je bois à votre nouveau succès!

  2. 2high says:

    It’s a shame Damian couldn’t be there. But this whole project is great & the more I hear & see about it, the more I want to find out. I think there should definitely be some kind of SuperHeavy documentary made.

  3. abdekrim says:

    welcome good luck yes im lucky mick kiss for you

  4. abdelkrim says:

    merci a mick d etre encore le best of the best

  5. tausif says:

    AR Rahman- The Prophet Of Music.!
    The Gem Of India… As an Indian And the devotee Of AR Rahman, feeling Very Proud to see him here :)
    Yes…, Ar rahman have the capacity to change the Musical worlds Map.!
    Ar rahman, the Humblest Man On Earth.
    May God Bless You, Long Live.!!

    May God Give you more courage to Spread Peace, Love, Patriotism… Via Music.!
    With Respect and Love
    Ur’s Always Yours
    -tausif :) :D

  6. FARAZ says:

    superb album, super heavy,satyamev jyate and mahiya are awesome songs.

  7. Ammu says:

    God of music. . . . Ar rahman great sir, i lov ur miracle worker album, i heard and loved and enjoy realy super. . . . . All the best rahman sir

  8. Prithul says:

    Amazing tunes from some of the greatest talents in the industry.

    Big up to all you believers!!

    Zilla and AR rule the world —- peace.

  9. christine says:

    j’adore bravo à vous tous je vous aimes xxxxx

  10. christine therrien de repentigny says:

    super bon j’espère que vous allez donner un show :-)

  11. vamsikiran.korangi says:


  12. til shiloh says:

    good to see RASTA in heavyweight group of artists. ”nah mean”. Jr Gong yuh tuff dan conrete

  13. go says:

    really super sir.Every one must enjoy and loved with this song.All the best sir. Jai Ho…….

  14. Rashid says:

    superb song Sthyame va jayade.

  15. Pradeesh says:

    Heavy names, i really hope they make some superb music..

  16. bobby says:

    i love the music i bought the full album on itunes its kinda funny rolling stones is my favorite band and i saw damion marly and he was awesome i would not expect mick and damion to join a band together

  17. SILVIO says:






  18. bobby says:

    awesome i love how this music can apeal to every one people who like rock music ragea etc i didnt know what to think when i found out about super heavy beacause my all time favorite band/musical group is the rolling stones and my second favorite is damion marley

  19. amit says:

    super aawweessssoommmeeeeeeeeee

  20. oktana says:


  21. Ralf Hillmich says:

    Hallo Mr. Mick ;-) , Hallo Superheavy

    As first – thank you very very much for your album !!!!!!!!!

    The Rolling Stones are my musical live, heare it since i´m was some

    teenager, till today ( i´m 56 years now ) and now this………

    ….don´t know, what i can say, i hear it – i´m happy !!!!!

    It is so a great sound, so much feeling, sooooo good voices …. (ich

    habe gänsehaut) , and tears in my eyes …..

    I wish you all the best, i Love you all R.H.

  22. hollis says:

    Like we used to say in the “old days” “far out, solid, heavy!” Ture love, hope ya’ll are around awhile, lots of music needs to be made to change the world–and you got it, babe, or rather, guys and girl.

  23. English Songs says:

    Great tunes from some of the greatest talents in the industry.
    Big up to all you believers! Your sites really nice, Excellent information., keep it up.! I’ll go ahead and bookmark your site to return to the future..

  24. world i belive one GOD, world i belive one music A.R.RAHMAN

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