SuperHeavy Appearance on Nightline


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  2. Inseeya says:

    Super performance. Thanks for Rahman Sir for sharing the link..

  3. Danilo4400 says:

    AWESOME …come To Brazil,Belo Horizonte²

  4. Sridhar says:

    Awesome…I Love u r troop….

  5. Sunthar says:

    ARR! :D Love SUPERheavy! Hope you guys go on tour! :)

    • marie a rivenburg says:

      you know A R Rahman has dimensions every layer of his music is thought out and appreciated, to be that talented must also follow a great soul and heart and the soul and heart are the most important thing…their are many great artists but few as all around talented. You amaze me!

  6. aaahhh…. I had been seeing photos of these super heavy in facebook and wondering what are they up to… and then comes the miracle worker… i like it. Expecting more from all these especially Rehman.

  7. Tijs Van Puyvelde says:

    Jagger, you are the greatest singer and song writer ever. And I hope that I would just have a little of your talent.

  8. Betsy Bare says:

    I love Mick, and Super Heavy is fantastic. I hope they do go on tour!

  9. Connie Sorensen says:

    Loved it! Love Superheavy, but was in the hospital last Stones tour in my area. Been a fan since High School in the 70′s, sure would love to see the Stones do a 50th anniversary tour!

  10. Brazil is with you!
    With so many musicians of weight, would not be different, top quality music!
    Brazilian Put on some music with you!
    Marcelo D2, Ivete Sangalo, Ana Carolina, and many other musicians!

    rand hug!

  11. murray campbell says:

    killer record!!!!

  12. Tammie Shepperd says:

    Joss Stone in this band sealed the deal for me lovin this Band!! Sure Jagger and all the rest of the talented are wonderful, but she is SOUL..and I love that!

  13. karen says:

    Tell me you were not at time square on the 27, because I was there for a moment!

  14. Harinath.D says:

    Hi Rahman sir… the video is really good. specially the tune where in we were humming… these are remarkable achievements that no one could ever imagine… i thank god to bless us with his best ever taught… however i am worried that we might loose you to the West… Please dont forget your old Fans.

  15. dorine says:

    superheavy,amazing !!!!

  16. hayath says:


  17. Claudia says:

    It is an amazing video. Congratulations!!
    Mick you are a beautiful man, why do you wear so much makeup in the video? I like you without makeup, like casual photos or interviews. It’s better, you seem younger without makeup.

  18. Diamond D says:

    Despite the critics and the Neysayers over the years you have stayed commited to always delivering something truly cutting edge! Superheavy material is truly planetary. I would expect to hear the soundtrack in the isle of a Wal-Mart to the elevator of the spaceship Enterpise!
    Amazing sounds clever and intriguing lyrics! I cant say enough! Who wouldnt want to be Mick Jagger if only for a day?

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