Pre-order SuperHeavy on iTunes

SuperHeavy is now available to pre-order on iTunes! There are two formats to choose from; a 12 track standard album and a deluxe version which features an additional five tracks. Both versions also include a digital booklet.

Click through to iTunes now and you can also hear samples of every track on the album.

Pre-order SuperHeavy on iTunes:

US & Canada: Deluxe / Standard

Rest of world: Deluxe / Standard

4 Responses to “Pre-order SuperHeavy on iTunes”

  1. Suzanne Miller says:

    What a great song, “Miracle Worker”, to whet our appetites for the new super group, SuperHeavy! Awaiting the first
    album anxiously because it is destined to be Great! Hoping for a Tour!

  2. Steve Dole says:

    This sounds great. Very excited.

  3. Lily says:

    J’attends le 19/09 avc impatience pour écouter ce super heavy album :) )

  4. jair Motta says:

    A massive collection of hits its coming! I’m super liking!

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