Introducing the SuperHeavy Portrait App

The striking artwork that graces the front of the SuperHeavy album is the work of Shepard Fairey, the artist responsible for the iconic ‘Hope’ poster used in Barack Obama’s successful election campaign.

In addition to the lion symbol on the cover of the album, Shepard created a similarly stylised portrait of each of the five members of SuperHeavy.

Now you can use this unique Facebook app to create your own portrait inspired by Shepard’s artwork!

You will also be added to a wall of portraits by other SuperHeavy fans around the world, which you can see here on

Click here to access the app on Facebook and create your portrait now!

One Response to “Introducing the SuperHeavy Portrait App”

  1. Larry says:

    Give it up for Shepard Fairey. His art is a miracle worker.

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