19th September!

It’s the official release date of SuperHeavy! Have you got yours yet?



6 Responses to “19th September!”

  1. This is SuperGreat. SuperBrilliant. Joss Stone is a diva. Mick Jagger continues along his path of excellence and musical genius. Thank you for rocking our world.

  2. Tim Landwier says:

    Man o man, playing this album on and on and day by day. It touches the right strings! This is timeless. Performed from the Souls and the toes, with an absolute perfect recording, in all details!
    Need I say more? Yeah: wish it’d been available in Summer already! Hearing it loud at the beach by sunset…..

    @WorldConnected , Amsterdam Beach, the Netherlands


  3. Alexander says:

    I agree. It’s one of those magic moments just like when Stones gave Satisfaction, Jimi Hey Joe, and Jefferson Airplane and Grateful Dead and Cream and countless others turned the world ON. I take Superheavy for breakfast, man.

  4. Alastair Macintosh says:

    No I feckin have not. Still waiting. Where is it ?

  5. Eliz says:

    OH MY GOD!!!!

    i am french and the superheavy seems like a rainbow!!! c’est énormissime, nos oreilles en ont besoin en ce moment, je n’avais jamais imaginé Joss Stone et Mick Jagger ensemble…je les ai vu en concert tout les 2, enfin les rolling stone au stade de france et Joss Stone au casino de Paris…deux moments uniques…et les avoir réunis c’est jubilatoire!! merci aux 5 membbres de SUPERHEAVY….vive mla musiue et vive la création!


  6. Cecile says:

    Yes this is a very good CD; however, I bought it and there is “something” within the album that will not allow me to download the whole CD onto my own computers! What a bunch of crap! I should be able to to burn a CD after I pay for the thing. Now I hear that there will be 2 new songs not on the CD and another “Superheavy” CD released with these new songs? What about the four (4) that I am not allowed to burn on the one I already bought?

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